Doing the Winged Eyeliner

Closeup of eye makeup

The winged eyeliner can be considered as an alluring and a sultry style when it is done right and prefect. But for those makeup beginners or the make up novices, it can be a little tricky skill and it also requires you to master the skills to achieve your goal. But with some of the few steps, you can be able to learn the exact and right way or technique in order for you to pull the look of the winged eyeliner. Take a look at this link for more information.

You may start by applying some pencil eyeliner first to the upper part of the lash line. You may use the light pencil eyeliner in order for you to draw a small thin line that is close to your upper lash line as much as possible. The line should at least be so thin as possible. This will act the base now of your winged eyeliner. You can begin in the inner corner of your eye and then you can work now towards the outer corner of your eyes. It does not need that the one you create is so neat at this point but it really needs to be thin though. You will surely end up going over the lines all over again, so a little roughness will not be able to make much more difference at this point of time. Here’s a good read about eyeshadow stencil, check it out!

You need to keep your eyelid too flat as much as possible while you are doing this. As much as possible, you need to tilt your head back and you need to just barely keep your eye cracked open as you are applying the eyeliner.

Finally, you are required to measure how far out is the wing should be going. You need to hold onto your eyeliner pencil at the end point of the bottom of the lash line. As much as possible you need to point it upwards in a diagonal direction so that it will look like a continuation of the lash line located in the lower portion. If you already have a hooded eyelids, you may necessarily have to angle the wing on outward way than on the upwards in order to avoid all the hooded part of the eyelid.

You can now draw a thin diagonal lines in order to act now as the wings. This line must be able to match on your guideline to roughly visualize when you hold the liner pencil that is against your eyelid.


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