Enhance Your Eyes



If you haven’t heard of winged eyeliner yet then allow me to enlighten you. It has become quite popular to all the ladies out there. As what you have seen on Ancient Egypt’s pictures of its people, you’ll see a dark black line around their eyes and yes, they were the first people who first used an eyeliner. It is used in daily make up routines. It defines the eye and will even make it look smaller or bigger.

If you want to highlight your eyes’ features then you can apply a winged eyeliner. You can apply it above upper lashes or below upper lashes or both. If you want more of it then you may also draw in your water line. Eyeliner is used mainly for making your eyelashes look lush and at the same time it will enhance of even change the shape of your eyes. It is available in different colors from black, brown, grey to more fun colors such as the bright colors, pastels and glittered-flecked colors.

At first, it was only to define the upper part of your eye but due to human’s artistic nature, it now comes with different tones depending on its textures. You can either go for softly smudged or clearly defined. In the market, you can find different types of it. First is a liquid eyeliner which is contained in a small bottle and applied by using the brush with a sharp tip that comes along with it. It creates a sharp and precise line and also gives a much heavier appearance. Second is a Kohl pencil eyeliner that comes with dark matte shades and often used in black to outline the eyes. Third is a gel or cream eyeliner which is a softer gel liner and can be applied using a brush. It can also be a glide on or a smudge. Learn more about smokey eyes, go here.

In applying, the first thing you need to be familiar with is your specific eye shape. It will then be easy to customize your liner to it. For eyes with eyelid that are not visible then you have hooded eyes. If your eyes slope towards your cheekbone then you have downturned eyes. And eyes that have minimal or nonexistent crease then you possibly have monolid eyes. There are still more eye shapes and if you have a problem on how to apply an eyeliner then you do not need to worry because there are a lot of ways to do it.

An eyeliner is best paired with a smokey eye effect and allow me to tell you that it would make your eyes look brilliant. Most people say that drawing an eyeliner can be challenging but there are many tips and tricks on how to not give yourself a headache on trying to equally apply an eyeliner on both eyes.


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